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(LOOK AT the pics on the desktop PC. Marketing Ideas: It would be hilarious to hone these into a worldwide cast of character's that even have their own phone ((WIX automated messages connect to CRM to track and analyze)), email, and Social Media ((so we don't have to)), and videos. Also to attach to contests where people win merch

Meet The BORG



Borg in Chief

Meet Joe Biden, the enigmatic leader at the helm of the Borg Collective, a formidable force from the Borg. With his cybernetic enhancements and a hive mind, Biden seamlessly assimilates the ideas and strategies of his team to become the ultimate puppet ruler for the Borg.

Hailing from the distant reaches of the Delta Quadrant, Biden's rise to power began when he was identified as a promising drone within the Collective. Gradually ascending the ranks, he exhibited unparalleled adaptability and diplomatic skills, ultimately earning the designation of "Borg in Chief."

Under Biden's rule, the Borg Collective has undertaken an ambitious mission to assimilate the galaxies, employing cunning political maneuvers to assimilate different civilizations and bend them to their will.


Known for his eloquent speeches delivered through a cybernetic neural transceiver, Biden adeptly communicates the Collective's goals while concealing the strings being pulled behind the scenes.

Biden's expertise in assimilating and integrating diverse perspectives has allowed the Borg to establish dominance across the cosmos. With a collective consciousness at his disposal, he artfully navigates through the complexities of interstellar politics, ensuring the Borg's presence is felt across all star systems.

As a puppet ruler, Joe Biden skillfully balances the interests of the Borg Collective with the facade of autonomous decision-making. Guided by the powerful hive mind, he carries out the will of the Collective while projecting an image of leadership to instill loyalty among the drones.

Whether advocating for cybernetic advancements or spearheading the conquest of new worlds, Joe Biden's unique blend of puppetry and leadership has forever changed the trajectory of the Borg Collective's quest for dominance in the universe.


Resistance may be futile in the face of his calculated rule.


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Borg Queen

Diane Feinstein, once a seasoned politician and leader within the realms of Starfleet, underwent a transformation that turned her into the formidable Borg Queen. Assimilated by the Borg Collective, she now commands the vast hive mind with ruthless efficiency.

As the Borg Queen, Dianzek possesses unparalleled knowledge and strategy, fusing her political acumen with the Collective's immense power. With her cybernetic enhancements and hive mind link, she exudes an aura of authority and commands the loyalty of countless drones.

Her origins as a human leader have not been forgotten, as the Borg Queen harnesses her past experiences to navigate complex interstellar politics and assimilate new species into the Collective. Her captivating speeches now serve to rally and unify the drones under her command, driving the Borg's relentless pursuit of perfection.

Dianzek's conversion into the Borg Queen has only amplified her quest for domination and expansion across the galaxy. She calculates with cold precision, orchestrating the assimilation of planets and civilizations, growing the Borg's influence and assimilating knowledge on an unprecedented scale.


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