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  • SUPERIOR QUALITY FABRICS: This flag is made of 100% HEAVYWEIGHT Polyester canvas and it has 2 brass grommets, which are sturdy providing durability and resistance. The embroidery of the snake and the letters is made with densely filled rich thread. This flag will keep flying on your porch or car for many years.
  • DURABLE AND RESISTANT: The Don’t Tread On Me flag is crafted from nylon which makes it durable and long-lasting. It will not deteriorate because of the hot sun or other harsh weather conditions. In addition, this wonderful flag is very well-stitched. Fly the flag no matter the weather conditions and show your eternal appreciation!
  • BRIGHT COLORS: You can fly this bright-colored us army flag and enjoy the 4th of July parade as well as on other holidays and on special occasions. It is bright, clear, beautiful, and easy to hang. Thanks to the UV Ray protection, the bright colors will not fade away and the letters will remain clear and visible.
  • BRIGHT DESIGN: The design of this army is specially made for you to honor your heroes both indoors and outdoors. It has 3×5 feet and it feels very sturdy. This flag is very easy to hang on your flagpole or to fly on your car. Place it on the front porch, in the garden, or even on your home or in front of the store, and proudly display your patriotic feelings!
  • WONDERFUL GIFT: Compared to other products our patriotic American flag is of superior quality and very well built. And Our flags are partially imported. You can fly it on holidays such as Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day and it will definitely make every American proud of its origin. Don’t hesitate to offer it to your friends and family and show your respect to all the veterans!





3×5 Ft Embroidery Gadsden Don’t Tread on Me Flag Made in USA

SKU: 5dd6350c
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