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Watch Out for the Election Variant and Covid Booster Syndrome

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Watch Out for the Election Variant and Covid Booster Syndrome By S.D. Wells, Natural News • Sep. 23, 2023

(Natural News)—With America slightly more than one year away from the next POTUS election, the Democrats are in deep desperation mode, trying to figure out some way, somehow, that they might create another situation to enable mass mail-in voting, again. Falsified ballots in 2020 may have been the largest significant event in election history that turned the tide for Sleepy Resident Joe to absolutely unbelievably “acquire” 80 million votes when he didn’t even campaign for any.

Now we are witnessing completely liberal-dominated school systems masking up once again, pretending there is a new pandemic making rounds, from a variant called BA.2.86. Conservatives call it the “election variant,” and anyone boosting up for this one is putting the “nails in the coffin” (pun intended) for their Covid-jab-inflicted auto-immune disorder, also known as CBS – Covid Booster Syndrome. The new Covid “variant” B.A. (short for Biden Affliction) 2.86 is on the rise, so MSM and Big Pharma claim Covid forever! – The Democrats and Globalists claim. There will never be an end to lab-concocted snake venom peptide infections and spike protein syndrome. There will always be some variant of COVID-19, they say, and all humans should wear masks 24/7/365, stay indoors unless there’s an emergency, and get every vaccine the CDC puts out, even if there are ZERO safety and efficacy trials.

Are you sick with Biden Affliction 2.86? Are you dizzy and cold, and hallucinating, as if you got bit by a poisonous snake? There are many viruses, bacteria, and parasites infecting the populace right now, and most medical doctors are puzzled, to say the least. They can’t figure out if the COVID-19 vaccines are making things much worse, with all these healthy youngsters, athletes, military members, and pilots dropping dead from heart attacks, strokes, and “unexplainable sudden death.”

BA 2.86, also called Pirola, is a highly mutated “novel” omicron sublineage that the nefarious WHO claims has “been detected” in 11 countries. Really? Which ones? How was this tested, with notoriously false-positive PCR home kits?

Just in time for the next POTUS election cycle comes the maniacal Covid plandemic variant BA.2.8.6 and XBB.1.5

A bad apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree. The Fauci plandemic comes in waves, one fake variant after another, named like Greek fraternities and scripted out like bad science fiction movies, the Bill Gates funded flu is abound. Don’t forget to get your flu shot too! – they’re not too afraid to advise the sheeple even further towards the cliff’s edge. Anyone still falling for the fake problem, deadly solution PONZI scheme pandemic is brainwashed and definitely voting Democrat forevermore.

The election variant is coming around, so watch out. Mutations can “alter the behavior of the viruses in various ways, such as how effectively they break into cells and how rapidly they can replicate.” Sounds more like the deadly mRNA spike proteins than some gain-of-function sub-lineal-variant. The CDC is so far off their rocker on this one the clinical trials for the vaccine were only run on a dozen rats, then fully approved by the FDA for worldwide injection of all humans (zombified walking corpses).

Pirola variant is said to have “more than 30 distinct mutations compared with its predecessors.” Sure. Can we see those diagnostics and data compilations, please? It’s the “recombinant, dominant variant,” the WHO and CDC claim. This means it was created in a laboratory as a biological weapon of mass destruction and is the main one they released recently, so it’s “dominated” by the mass media as the main narrative now. Most Democrats are choosing to mask up again to support their fake president and show solidarity among their other “fully-vaxxed” sheeple.

The FDA, CDC, and WHO are calling for “flexibility in current vaccine strategies” to “ensure continued effectiveness against these new variants.” Wait, what effectiveness are they talking about, because last we all heard, the vaccines barely work, if at all, and for only a few months. Plus, the more Covid jabs and boosters you get, the weaker you become in fighting off Covid variants, plus the flu, plus cancer, and more.

So, you were saying? Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on the Election Variant and Long-Vax-Syndrome that are both sweeping the nation as you read this. It’s just plain population reduction via vaccination and it’s happening in plain sight. In order to avoid catching VAIDS, you will want to avoid the population reduction jabs (mRNA).


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