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Victory: COVID “Experts” Just Got Dealt A Lethal Blow In California…

October 11, 2023

The so-called COVID “experts” have put in quite the effort to sideline anyone voicing disagreement with them. Generally, those who are confident in their position don’t operate that way. They let the facts and the science speak for themselves. However, with the lack of solid science and clear facts on COVID, many of these “experts” lost a great deal of credibility, leading the COVID information sphere to become overwhelmed by official conspiracy theories and overall distrust.

In the face of this, many experts and politicians appear eager to cover their missteps and push their narratives, even if it means stomping all over the First Amendment rights of American citizens. That’s the concerning part and the bad news. On the brighter side, these fake COVID “experts” in California just faced a massive blow, thanks to a recent court ruling that spells victory for freedom in the United States.

The Golden State has succumbed to mounting lawsuits and repealed a hotly debated law that sought to muzzle physicians offering COVID advice that contradicted mainstream medical perceptions. Legal action saw the bill, initially enacted in September 2022 and implemented in January, brought to an abrupt halt.

The law intended to classify COVID “misinformation” as misconduct in the medical profession, authorizing the Medical Board of California to revoke licenses of healthcare providers deviating from the prevailing scientific viewpoints. Though a federal judge brought the controversial rule to a standstill almost immediately after its enforcement, the extent of its actual application remains nebulous.

Governor Gavin Newsom offered no remarks upon signing a Senate bill to negate the contentious section of the Business and Professions Code. The repeal should be finalized in January, precisely one year after the initial law rolled out.

The first lawsuit was initiated in California’s Central District by the Liberty Justice Center soon after Newsom rolled out the new law. In their lawsuit, two doctors alleged that the new rule infringed on their constitutional right to free speech and scientific inquiry’s fundamental nature, expressing deeply felt reactions to their victory.

“We’re glad California repealed this bill before it could spread to other states, and we’re proud to have defended our clients’ First Amendment rights,” wrote Jacob Huebert, president of the Liberty Justice Center.

It’s shameful that in the “land of the free,” we face such challenges to prevent overzealous, politically-driven ghouls from infringing upon our rights. But that’s the reality with today’s Marxist left-wing. Every issue becomes a fight; if you give them an inch, they’ll reshape the nation into a communist utopia overnight. So, while this recent development is a significant victory for us, the journey to safeguard our God-given rights continues.

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