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NAZIS are the real Domestic Terrorists

September 2nd

Written by Marlon Covell

Who Really controls our government?

Just like NAZIS they are Marxist. Just like NAZIS they believe people should be judged based on the color of their skin though promotion of Critical Race Theory. Just like NAZIS they support a large powerful Central Government with Fascist public private partnerships.

Just like Nazis They have very well financed and organized thugs to engage in domestic terrorism like the Brown Shirts and Hitler Youth. Now they are called ANTIFA and BLM. Just like NAZIS they believe in Censorship and no freedom of speech. Just like Nazis they believe in depopulation of those that do not submit to their tyranny. Just like Nazis they support incarcerating and Lawfare harassment of their political opponents. Just like NAZIS they want to mandate experimental medical procedures on us.

Just like Nazis they do not want you to own firearms to defend yourself.

Just like Nazis they spread lies about those that resist their tyranny.

Just like NAZIS they serve the one who Jesus says controls all the Kingdoms of the earth, Satan.

I could go on and on but I think you should probably be able to see the similarities and who the real Domestic Terrorists are.

Trump Tees Coming Soon

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