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New York City Hospitals and Medical Centers Are Being Overwhelmed by Illegal Immigrants

By Mike LaChance Oct. 4, 2023 10:00 pm Gateway Pundit

The medical system in New York City is straining under the weight of the constant flow of illegals.

Hospitals and medical centers are being overwhelmed by the sheer number of people seeking treatment and it’s not surprising. When you suddenly add tens of thousands more people than a system was designed for, this is what you get.

Have the people of New York had enough yet?

In the past year alone, medical centers across the five boroughs have received nearly 30,000 visits from undocumented migrants seeking medical care, according to data from New York City Health + Hospitals, which operates the city’s public hospitals and clinics. About 300 new babies have been born to migrant moms during that period, most at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, which has seen one-quarter of the overall migrant visits.

“This has been the hardest work I’ve ever done,” said Dr. Ted Long, a senior vice president for New York City Health + Hospitals who helps oversee the city’s health response to the migrants…

For patients whose legal needs aren’t critical emergencies, including U.S. citizens who might be dealing with issues like addiction and eviction, the wait times can be months, or they can be referred to other service providers, she said.

“I’m sure if you talk to anybody else in the city who’s doing this work, there are waiting lists and people are turning people away or referring them to other places,” Retkin said. “If you asked me, ‘Do we need more resources for legal services?’ I would say absolutely, yes.”

Jazz Shaw writes at Hot Air:

The entire system is overwhelmed. Whether you’re talking about housing, food, clothing, medical care, or anything else, the migrants are sucking all of the resources out of the city. And the taxpayers are footing the bill for all of it, either directly or indirectly. Few have the heart to say no to the migrants because Americans tend to be charitable people who want to help if they’re able. But this has long since passed the point of ridiculousness.
Somebody needs to grow a spine and do the job that Joe Biden refuses to do. The vast majority of these migrants are not eligible for asylum and the government knows it.

This is all Biden’s doing. He deserves the blame for all of it.

Click here to go to the article at the Gateway Pundit:


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