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Invasion Of The United States Overwhelms Border Town

Eagle Pass overwhelmed by immigrants

Reprinted from the Patriot Brief

Unprecedented Migrant Surge Overwhelms Small Texas Town Overwhelms Small Texas Town The small Texas town of Eagle Pass has been swamped by an unprecedented influx of migrants. A staggering 10,000 individuals crossed into this border town, which is home to fewer than 30,000 residents, within a mere 24-hour period. The situation in Eagle Pass is dire. The town’s resources are stretched thin as they grapple with the sudden population surge.

Mayor Rolando Salinas voiced his concerns about the strain on local services, particularly the police force and fire department. The mayor reported 2,500 people crossed into his town on a single day, with a further 7,200 entering the previous week. This mass migration has not only overwhelmed the town’s infrastructure but also raised serious security concerns.

Border agents have reported that criminal gangs are exploiting the crisis, ramping up their human trafficking efforts amidst the chaos. This disturbing revelation underscores the urgent need for effective border control measures to safeguard both migrants and the local communities.

The situation has been further complicated by tragic incidents of migrants losing their lives while attempting to cross the Rio Grande. Two drownings have been reported within a 24-hour period, adding a grim note to an already distressing situation.

Despite the clear evidence of a crisis, the Biden administration appears to be turning a blind eye to the situation. Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council, has accused the administration of ignoring the problem for political gain. He believes the open-border policy is a ploy to energize the Democratic base ahead of the November election. The situation in Eagle Pass is a stark reminder of the real-world consequences of lax border control policies. The town’s residents are living in fear, their community overrun by migrants who, in many cases, do not wish to be there.

This crisis is not just about numbers; it’s about people – both the migrants seeking a better life and the residents of towns like Eagle Pass, who are bearing the brunt of a failed immigration policy.

As the crisis continues to unfold, one thing is clear: the current approach is not working. It’s time for the Biden administration to acknowledge the severity of the situation and take decisive action. The residents of Eagle Pass and all Americans deserve nothing less.

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